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I saw Star Trek on a whim last Saturday when my good friend asked me to the late showing with him. He's such a big Trekkie and a sweet guy too, I couldn't think of anyone I'd rather see it with anyhow, so away we went!

Now, I love two Trek series'. The original and TNG, but I can hardly claim any right to the title of Trekkie. I can't quote any specific episodes or character moments or epic plot points, and if it had nothing to do with either aforementioned series I probably didn't bother to see it.

I do however consider myself to be a K/S fan. :3 I'm always rabidly in love with the stoic characters on the ST shows. The ones that grapple with emotion and the human condition all the time. Chiefly Vulcans and androids. Spock, Data, ... 7of9 too.

--I really had a blast watching Star Trek. I'm certain a real trekkie can find a lot more flaws with it than I did, and I wouldn't begin to argue. It wasn't perfect for me; I wouldn't have included Spock in a canon relationship. I like my Vulcan men stoic, damnit! Even if they're only half Vulcan. ^_^ But I was impressed with how much token Star Trek stuff they were able to include without making it feel all cheesy or hackneyed. Like using all the standardized catch phrases and ensuring that when there was an away mission, the red-nobody died.

The casting was stellar. I hope to see them all in these rolls again. Chekov was adorkable. Kirk was wonderfully reckless and Chris Pine really managed to bring a touch of Shatner's Kirk to the role without just being a parody or something. My mind raced with possibilities when Kirk was given the task of getting an emotional response from young-Spock. O_O Of course none of my ideas for completing that task were played out, but I wasn't exactly expecting. I'll save those for fanfic! rawr.

Right down to the set design I was impressed! I love the look and layout of the Enterprise, particularly the deck and the only thing visually that bugged me a little was a green-girl Kirk was shnogging. I thought her makeup was a little bit of an eye sore, but considering the whole film that's a pretty small complaint. All in all I loved it. I'll invest in that dvd. :D

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