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Oh my...

Mac went impossibly easy on Stella over this. I'm getting awfully tired of the picking and choosing they're doing that winds up only making Mac look like a total hypocrite. Also irritating that it's hardly explained why Mac felt obligated to follow her halfway around the world, but then, this show has a bit of a habit of doing that.

I really thought Angell was going to have a little more to do with this plot seeing as how Stella dragged her into it but they weakly write her out as being out of town. No off the books investigating for me this week thanks, I have a trip planned!

Honestly, as much as I wasn't ready to believe faux-Greece was going to be all that convincing I was hoping this episode would take me away from this season's obvious shortcomings for a while but they just can't seem to let it go, and despite my hopes that once she'd squeezed out that little bundle of something or other, things would get a little better. Maybe we could hear a little less about it for a while. Instead they're dragging every Danny or Lindsay scene through the mud. Seriously, they're toting this baby around the f@%king lab all day? I don't even know where to begin explaining the ridiculousness of this. I'm supposed to buy that this illegitimate little family is the crime solving Brady Bunch now? That the lab doubles as a daycare? What a giant steaming load of the worst writing the CSI franchise has ever seen. Every moment with Danny or Lindsay or that god forsaken spawnling is like a tasteless fanfic. The way things are going what can we expect for Danny and Lindsay next season? Perhaps farming kittens in Montana with a whole litter of babies all of which will be raised to be super-CSI's! I taste bile.

"that woman over there looks a lot like the woman in your photograph."

I actually laughed out loud at this line and it's insipid hyper-convenience.

The painting Stella tore from its frame to return to Greece when she realized it was stolen property was annoying. They reference it in the course of the show like we're supposed to be remembering it from another episode, but I don't recall it coming up before. It may very well have just been something I missed, anybody else remember it being mentioned prior to this episode?

The from the moment Stella is in Greece they really seem to have her dressed up like a tourist, swapping brightly colored sundresses and what not from scene to scene. Really most every move they make in the course of the plot is bogged down, because I can't stop thinking how all of this has international incident written all over it and Stella and Mac are both retarded if they think they have some obligation to police the world. Furthermore we see the Greece officials catering to their little manhunt but honestly their evidence seemed pretty weak to inspire this much cooperation on the part of the greek government.

You think that's her mom? What tipped you off?

Stella is 34? Please. I'm tired of being told everyone is so much younger than they obviously are. It's even detrimental to characters. How am I supposed to believe someone that young has so much experience?

I also can't tell if Mac is here [in Greece] "offically" or not. I suppose he was, but I doubt if this investigation had become official on any level the US and Greek governments wouldn't have sent Mac Taylor off to deal with it.

At it's climax I started to gain some interest in Stella's back story, hearing about her mom and I guess that Papokota was her father? Did I hear that right? So why was she ever in foster care as a child? When did he put her in it? And when did he take her out of it? I think they're fudging some time lines again. It's too bad the whole revelation is undercut with this gun slinging action sequence with Mac and the Prof's brother.

And then it ends with Stella tossing the rest of the artifacts away? After all this effort was originally to return smuggled items to the Greek government she tosses them in a crag? wtf?

Ultimately a pretty weak episode.
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