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I hate wishing September to come any quicker than I'm already sure it will, but this just has me all atwitter!!

If you haven't seen the season five finale I hate you for making me cut this I'll put this under a cut..

This very very short article came from

"The sixth season of House kicks off this fall with a character study experiment fans are clamoring to see unravel.

The two-hour season premiere will focus squarely on House (Hugh Laurie) struggling to cope with being in a mental institution and Wilson's (Robert Sean Leonard) friendship and support to help the unstable doctor get back on his feet. The other cast members are not expected back into the fold until the following episode.

If you have been waiting for House to snap then this episode is just what the good doctor ordered. All the proof you need is in the new promo clip below."

If that's not enough for House/Wilson lovers everywhere there's a clip to go with it and it makes me slightly spastic.

Watch the video!!
House fights some orderlies!!! <3
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