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Definitely better than last week, even with some glaring technical inaccuracies...

Despite the ridiculous number of criminals out there chomping at the bit to turn their felonious activities into a personal cat and mouse game with Mac Taylor this week definitely left me with more optimism for the coming season.

The case started out a little slow, in fact I wasn't really giving it my full attention for the first 25 minutes but it grew on me and even at the halfway mark wasn't impossible to follow once I started really listening.

I've said it before but I'll say it again, I'm sick of hearing from felons without any grander aspirations than making Mac's life more action packed. Like there are no other crimes being committed against anyone else in all of NFY (New F#$&ing York). Thankfully they worked a few innocent by standers into this case, but still they managed to gloss over them both pretty quickly once it was personal for Mac.

I wasn't sold on the villain right away in this one, I mean "Grave Digger"? Initially he came off as more of an embittered asthmatic with a screen name borrowed from some 12 year old's Halo Online account, instead of a psychotic health care advocate with a mean voyeuristic streak. Thankfully he was a LOT more fleshed by the end of the show.

And here's a question about Kim (the nurse/practioner?).When we first see her getting off work she looks visibly shaken about getting into the elevator and soon it's revealed that she's hugely claustrophobic... so I'm not at all claustrophobic, but I have to wonder, if you were THAT terrified of getting in an elevator would you not consider the stairs? Maybe? Just sayin'....

Don, Danny, even Stella didn't get a lot of screen time this episode, and I'm still unsure as to whether Danny is officially back at work, or if that's even possible in the realm of Real Life, but that stretch of the imagination is just beans compared what they've expected me to swallow in other eps, so I'm trying to shrug it off. Honestly.

It was a little anticlimactic on their part to give us an update on Danny's condition without even including him in that scene, and instead writing it off as a conversation in passing between Lindsay and Stella. I'd rather they just didn't bring it up in this ep at all and devoted more time to exploring Danny's tribulations another time. In the same vein, the band tee thing really seemed like it was given a lame excuse to go altering Lindsay's image. Am I supposed to believe she's a big 80's glam rock fan in her off time? That maybe she teases out her hair for RATT concerts on the weekend? It felt like a weak shot at making her feel cool young and hip now that she's half way to being a soccer mom.

Danny, when he did make an appearance, looked tidier tonight, even with the beard and the hair, both of which I am partial to by the way, but I did notice that lately when Adam is sitting, at a glance, I've confused him for Danny more than once now. Just thought it was kinda funny.

On the plus side we got a lot of prime backstory about Mac here. Actually seeing his parents and hearing them talk about Claire no less is probably more than we've ever had on the topic of Mac Taylor since God knows when and it stirred up some dormant excitement in me! This interesting relationship he had with this father that even as a grown up he referred to him as Sir, and even more interesting --provided they don't flounce on this and forget it ever happened-- how they've set Mac up as being at risk for developing small cell lung cancer (or some form of cancer perhaps) in the future. I'm glad most of the Taylor chronicles that played out in tonight's ep took place through flashback because I've had enough of learning interesting factoids about Mac through the mouths of lunatic strangers, and stalkery criminals. Honestly, Mac must have like an incredible fan-page or massively in-depth wikipedia document for this many people to be pulling up all that info on him all the damn time.

So what did we learn from this episode? That closed circuit security systems can somehow be hacked via GPS satellites, health care reformers are maniacs, and the appropriate usage of the term "skillage" (Thanks Adam). That aside this was a much better showing than last week. Keep it up.
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