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So we're still doing single case episodes and this one moved a little slowly, but going into it knowing it's a multiple episode story I'll cut them a little slack.

Pretty quickly we learn Danny and Lindsay are raising a ten month old. So either they've adopted or this is around March 2010? Good to know time is still not a fixed concept in the CSI universe. The slice of married life banter between these two is horrifyingly bland enough to convince me never to marry, but mostly inoffensive. Except when there's talk about diapers. Bad jokes and general griping about that particular weed in their little garden of Eden makes me want to evacuate my bowels too. And Lindsay proves her asinine little stories still don't go anywhere unless someone there is willing to spur her into an explanation. That's probably the first familiarity we've seen in the girl this season. Speaking of the little chameleon I guess she did some laundry since she's sporting a matronly and flourished little blouse, and not so much the trendy 80's band tees.

As for Danny it's nice to check up with HIM when we're talking about his current condition, so points for that. Still, I feel like he's going to be walking again before they've even really explored what he's going through. There's so many unanswered questions and missed opportunities here, I can only shake my head and sigh. It does bother me an awful lot that since he's been confined to a wheelchair the writers can't be assed to step up to the challenge and find ways to include him in the episodes as much as he would be if he were walking. I'm sure as soon as he walks again his screen time will be incredibly more abundant.

Adam's worried about his job security but maybe Lindsay should be the nervous one since Becall is vying hungrily for the role of the obnoxious blond around here. First of all, I can't believe Mac hired her that fast after saying 'let me think about it'. What did he mean, over lunch? She's working in the lab before anyone has even changed their wardrobe. Fine. Good for her she found a way to get her foot in the door and not cost the lab a penny. However, it's more than a little grating that she approaches the situation with her beliefs firmly rooted in the assumption that the ONLY reason Mac didn't follow up on her resume is due to budget issues. Confidence is great, hun. But maybe consider the possibility he just didn't think you'd mesh well with his team --yuh know, since you showed up angling for one of their jobs and all. Overall I'm still undecided on the girl, but whether or not I like her personality isn't going to be what makes her an asset or a set back to this show anyway.

Question of the day: How does someone put a compass in a pocket without getting a print on it?

Uhh, with a glove maybe? I'm sure there's about 100 more answers to that actually. Is it just me or is Mac's "intriguing" line of questioning getting less and less poignant?

While the case thus far is a little more interesting, and Ulrich is pulling his weight we're already going down that Mac vs Super Villain road, with these cat and mouse games he can't seem to stop involving himself in with his nemesis of the week. And furthermore why are all these criminals going out of their way to communicate with the law they know to be chasing them? When was the last time we had a crook who DIDN'T want to get caught, or play head games with the cops? How about someone who just wanted to get away with it?

It's not just NY I'm condemning for this. It seems to be the hottest trend in crime drama right now because I think I've heard all this bullshit about "the killers message" and how "he wanted us to find this" so much lately I might just puke. I have a hard time believing every felon the NY crime lab has pursued lately has been looking to make some kind of political or philosophical statement. Shit, can't anyone just be a law breaker anymore? What happened to motives like lust, greed, carelessness, and good old fashioned crazy?

Thankfully this episode keeps it's head above water with a hearty dose of Flack! It feels like they allotted the most of their good writing budget to his side story too, but I'm reluctant to complain about that if it means such good things for Don.

Eddie can do so much more than they typically give him and he never lets us down when they finally give him something to sink his teeth into. This one is no exception. Angell's father comes for a visit to the bullpen and manages to convince him to join the family for dinner, and give him a good natured berating for his "ugly mug", which simply couldn't be more laughable when he's radiating sex appeal with his newfound scruff! Wow.

So it's perhaps a little odd that Stella is the first one to point out his MASSIVE change in demeanor over the last ten months, and I can't help thinking it might have helped if she'd muttered that in Don's ear instead of Mac's. Also, while I sensed his reluctance to join them for dinner ('cause Cahill's capabale of making you feel it without saying it) I was a little surprised to see he stood them up! That I think says a lot considering Don's typically been a stand up guy when it comes to social obligation.

The end of the case slips away without being all that suspenseful, except for having left me with the unsettling feeling that Mac is about to make this personal. I guess "widowed" wasn't listed in the 2nd vic's paperwork, but hey, at least they managed to get Sid on screen for a minute there. I've been missing the good Doctor.
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