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Feb. 6th, 2010 10:24 pm
roximonoxide: (smoking)
as you may or may not have cared noticed I'm in the middle of changing a few things and trying to put up of the icons i've been to lazy to post. on the other hand, what spurred this change of scenery is kind of unfortunate. someone was kind enough to direct me towards a journal where I found a lot of my shiny graphics being credited as someone elses. being that i've never even been insistent about being credited all over the place, I was kind of let down. but so it goes.

anyhow, it's made me decide to friends lock some stuff. i know that's no ultimate solution, and maybe just a false sense of security, but i haven't got a better answer to the problem. when i go f-locked i'm going to make sure i've friended every journal i recognize and i apologize in advance if i miss your journal! please, please, please just poke me if i have!

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