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I saw Star Trek on a whim last Saturday when my good friend asked me to the late showing with him. He's such a big Trekkie and a sweet guy too, I couldn't think of anyone I'd rather see it with anyhow, so away we went!

Now, I love two Trek series'. The original and TNG, but I can hardly claim any right to the title of Trekkie. I can't quote any specific episodes or character moments or epic plot points, and if it had nothing to do with either aforementioned series I probably didn't bother to see it.

I do however consider myself to be a K/S fan. :3 I'm always rabidly in love with the stoic characters on the ST shows. The ones that grapple with emotion and the human condition all the time. Chiefly Vulcans and androids. Spock, Data, ... 7of9 too.

But about the film-- )
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For those of you who might be interested this has been circulating just recently and this was the best copy of the image I could find.

Here's the first official look at Iron Man 2.

click here for full size

No spoiler cut because, c'mon... is this shot giving the story away?
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Finally saw Wolverine. Surprisingly I wasn't in a rush to see it. Not surprisingly, it wasn't what it could have been, and I'm zen about it. What can I say? I've been exercising my mettā towards it since it was in talks. It was a PG rated movie about a mutant killing machine with knives in his hands. I feel like I should be impressed anyone could tell that story with a PG rating in any capacity.

Even when X-Men 2 had just come out, all the way back in 2003 there had been talks of contracting Jackman for a Wolverine solo thing and even then, I didn't let myself get too twitterpatted with the idea. I mean I'd love to see some of my favorite wolverine comics on the silver screen but I knew that by the time they got to his movie all of this would be so franchised and what not that they'd be completely unable to resist the pull of marketing. Why would they do the stories justice and write an 18A story when they could write one for the kids and make twice the money from box office sales to merchandising opportunities.

The long and the short of it is; It wasn't great. But I wasn't surprised in my disappointment and somehow that softened the blow.

It was a couple days ago that I actually saw it but I'll try to recall some of my thoughts )

Really though, I just hadn't set my hopes too high anyway and ultimately what I got out of it was the realization of some rather iconic scenes from wolverine comics that were occassionally handled pretty well. Chiefly the experiment, which Jackman's nakedness didn't hurt either I am capping the fuck out of as soon as I can.

At least with comics, everything already has so many different "universes" or streams of continuity that I can just write this one off to being movieverse and ignore it.

I still love Wolverine like none other. Nothing's gonna change that. 'Nuff said.

ETA: I'll probably see Star Trek next. I'm kind of pumped for that one. Who doesn't appreciate Kirk/Spock in some respect? I foresee a rekindled ship-love in my future. :3

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