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I hate wishing September to come any quicker than I'm already sure it will, but this just has me all atwitter!!

If you haven't seen the season five finale I hate you for making me cut this I'll put this under a cut..

cut for the best thing since sliced bread and a video to boot! )
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For those of you who might be interested this has been circulating just recently and this was the best copy of the image I could find.

Here's the first official look at Iron Man 2.

click here for full size

No spoiler cut because, c'mon... is this shot giving the story away?
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Warning you about spoilers for tonight's ep here and under the cut.

Ummm ok. That was.. an episode. Blue flu, lots of interesting Adam. FAR to little Flack. Look, I'm sure there are a lot of good things to say about this episode but after having just seen it once so far here's all I'm left wondering about... )

ETA:And another thing!! )

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